CHAIL:A Perfect Blend of Nature and Seclusion

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    Nestling in the shelter of virgin forests which cover many untrodden hills, Chail is a tiny resort in the Shiwalik region of Himachal Pradesh. The present Chail is spread over an area of 72 acres on three adjacent hills-the Rajgarh Hill where the Palace is built, the Pandava Hill where the old Residency ‘Snow View’ is located and where the British Resident lived, and finally the Siddh Tibba, where the temple of Baba Sidhnath is located at a height of 2226 ft.  With the majestic snow-capped Shivalik peaks in the background and the beautiful orchards and sylvan pine valleys around reminding one of the many wonders of nature, Chail is sure to cast a spell. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh developed the highest cricket field in the world in Chail. Well-kept and scrupulously maintained, more than the excitement of the game, the pitch offers a picturesque view of the surroundings, with tall forest trees all around it. Chail has everything that Shimla doesn’t. The proud ruler made sure that Chail matched Shimla in every respect.  Located on a spur, on a clear day, Chail offers a magnificent and splendid view of the valley. It is an out-of-this-world experience to look down and see the River Sutlej winding its way between the mountains, overlooking at the same time both Kasauli and Shimla (45 km) further via Kufri. It is an even more splendid view in the night, with the distant lights of the surroundings creating its own magic pattern on the horizon.  A must see in this place is the palace of the maharaja. The maharaja had planned this palace as a retreat, replete with all necessary things he’d need for relaxation, and therefore, he built hunting and fishing lodges, which are open to the public. If your imagination of a hill station is that of a shopping street, many tourist sightseeing spots and a place teeming with tourists, then maybe Chail is not the ideal spot for you. However, if you are looking for something different and peaceful then head to this laidback hill-town in Himachal Pradesh and explore the wonders of nature.

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    1. Chail is well known tourist place in India. Because of its beauty, So many tourists come here for their holidays. There are different kind of Chail hotels available for visitors.

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