Himachal’s Mouthwatering Dham

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    This is regarding Himachal This Week’s cover story of October 26, “Revival of Kangra Tea.” Dham is always a special attraction though its dishes may vary from one district to another in Himachal. Kangri and Mandiali dhams stand apart even as dhams in Chamba and Bilaspur also have special recipes. A lot of effort is required in preparing a perfect dham. Using a unique technique, specialised botis (chefs) prepare dishes that are served on pattals (leaf plates) to people sitting in lines. Though every Himachali enjoys dham served during festivities but it is also a unique experience if anyone from other states happens to attend such an occasion.
    Virender Kumar, Sundernagar
    Great Achievement
    Apropos of the article ‘Himachali Boy Wins Mallika’s Heart’, it is a great achievement of a simple Himachali boy who is a model. He is now a symbol of honesty for Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat. Earlier Mallika was known as a sensuous actress and glamorous dancer but she seemed to be calm and simple girl during her visit to Dharamshala for the shooting of “The Bechelorette India’ reality show shooting. Her attire was simple and charming. Keeping all these in view, I can say that Vijay and Mallika Sherawat would live happily and peacefully.
    -Dr. Rajan Malhotra,Palampur

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