मां बाला सुंदरी देवी


    Maa Bala Sundri Devi is considered to be the 'Bal Roop' of Maa Vaishno Devi
    There are various temples of Maa Bala Sundari Devi situated in India and this is the main temple. This Mata Temple is situated approximately 24 Kms South-West Direction of Nahan. This great temple is situated at a hight of 430 Mts on a hill above the Trilokpur Gaon. The temple is at a scenic spot.This Maa Devi has 3 main roops:
    1. Maa Lalita Devi
    2. Maa Bala Sundari Devi
    3. Maa Tribhavini Devi
    Maa Lalita Devi's Temple is situated 4Kms away from Trilokpur Gaon towards the east direction on a hill. Maa Tribhavini Devi's Temple is situated in the North Western Side. And Maa Baladundari Devi's temple is situated in the middle of these 2 temples.

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